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About company

Mallory group has a great experience and wide opportunities in carrying out different types of customs services. Our experts will help you make the delivery process and customs clearance of imported and exported goods.


Mallory Group company professionally provides a range of services of customs clearance of goods.


We offer transport and logistical services, such as:

  • advanced document preparation;
  • working  with different customs regimes;
  • services for declaring entry of goods, customs clearance;
  • consultation on foreign economic activities;
  • preparing full set of import/export documentation;
  • calculating customs duties;
  • preparation of customs clearance documents for declaration;
  • customs law consulting;
  • services of a customs brokerage TIR CMR SMGS B / L export / import declarations;
  • documents preparation and delivery to the carrier / owner after registration;
  • assistance in the classification of goods in accordance with the HS Russia;
  • change of the owner in the free economic zone of the Muuga port;
  • preliminary and electronic declaration for the import of goods;;
  • services connected with the placement, storage and handling of goods at temporary storage warehouses.