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Marine freight transport

Mallory Group company provides international marine transportation of goods - it's a well-developed sector of our specialization.  Delivery by sea is characterized by high reliability at minimal cost of cargo transportation.  Sea transport is the cheapest form of transport.


Seascape cargo is the most popular method of transportation of bulk cargo on intercontinental directions.  But at the same time delivery of goods by sea takes a lot of time. For example, the delivery from the port of Shanghai (China) at the port of Muuga (Estonia) may take about 5-6 weeks. In addition, maritime transport are used in various multi-modal schemes because they do not provide delivery of cargo from door to door. But over the past 15 years  the volume of shipping has been steadily increasing. Uniform system of international standards contributes to high reliability and quality of shipping.


By the use of modern ships of different tonnage there is an opportunity to reduce transport costs in the delivery of large consignments. Sea transportation of oversized cargo exempt from the need to order the special permissions for transportation.


Delivery of goods in containers with justifiable pricing is the most efficient and convenient for transportation  by other modes of transport. In individual cases, the containers are insulated for safety of the goods.


Our company provides a wide range transport and forwarding services for the carriage of goods by sea: a transport of cargo in containers, cargo delivery of any size, weight and quantity, transportation of oversized or very heavy cargo.


Sending the goods, it is necessary to take into account that the delivery must be reliable not only for the immediate transportation from one port to another, but also for the carriage of cargo to final destination. It is important to customs clearance, its maintenance, cargo insurance, cargo tracking and reporting of its movement. Mallory Group company offers a full range of services included in the package, "marine freight transportation."


Railway transportation

Today international railroad transportations are very much in demand and popular among clients requiring a stable delivery of products without problems. The reason is the optimal combination of cost of delivery and its convenience.


The main advantage of rail freight is that the cargo can be delivered almost anywhere due to the development of the railways. The cost of such transportation will be much cheaper than road freight transport.


Mallory Group company delivers goods by rail, as for medium and long distances. Transportation is carried out in large containers, specialized platforms, boxcars, gondolas and postal-baggage cars. It is possible to choose the container in which the goods will be transported by rail. A variety of rail freight wagons allows choosing optimum type for the transport of almost any cargo. For the transportation accepted  ​​liquid and bulk materials, prefabricated, large, lengthy design and others.


The cost of rail freight compared with car trucking is much smaller. Also there is a high degree of safety - the number of train accidents is minimal compared to other types of transport.


The rail freight will be the most cost-effective type of transportation of the forest.


It is well known that the delivery of goods by rail not depend on weather conditions. There are many situations when road and air transport is completely blocked due to natural disasters, and transportation of goods and passengers continues only by rail.


Our company Mallory Group carries railway container transportation from the port of Muuga (Estonia) in Russia and CIS countries.

In our company we take into account all the demands and wishes of the customer in the transportation of goods by rail transport, and also it’s developed an individual scheme for each transportation, so we exclude the extra time and money of our clients.


Multimodal transportation

Mallory Group company has extensive experience in the organization of multi-modal transportation of any complexity.

Multimodal transport is the transportation of using multiple modes of transportation, usually combined maritime and road transport is often the sharing of air and road transport for delivery.


Every day our professionals consider the clients' requests, take into account the specificities of each transport and choose the most effective delivery method. Sometimes we can achieve economic benefits only by using multiple modes of transportation.


Multimodal freight is very popular way of delivery. Namely multimodal freights are flexible with their options of route selection. Using different methods of delivery can significantly reduce time and cost of transportation. Each mixed transportation uses an individual approach.


Imagine multi-modal transport service on a specific example. Suppose you need to deliver goods from one country to another. It is best to contact the company that provides multimodal transport of goods to avoid any unpleasant situations. In this case, your cargo will be delivered on the territory of the first country to the nearest seaport or airport, then immerse it in the aircraft or vessel. After arriving in another country your cargo from road transport in exactly time agreed will be delivered directly to your destination. Thus, the delivery cost will be carried by one company, but by different modes of transport. This is the essence of a multi-modal way freight.


You do not need to coordinate different carriers. Our company traces the route transport and monitors the term of delivery. All responsibility for the safety of the cargo rests on our company. Mallory Group company guarantees the reliability of multi-modal transport, takes on the responsibility for organizing and carrying out transportation of all related processes, including loading and unloading operations, and loading operations during the transition from one vehicle to another.


To implement multimodal freight quickly and accurately is allowed for Mallory Group by long-term partnerships with major aviation, marine, rail and truck carriers. Mallory Group guarantees you quality delivery of goods and offers the most flexible routes for your transportations of goods.


Cargo insurance

In the carriage of goods, especially in international transport and transportation of cargoes, there is always a risk of damage or loss of goods. Therefore, insurance is very important as a way to prevent possible damage.


Save on insurance of goods is not the most reasonable solution, because the amount of insurance is not big, and the compensation of damage to goods much more.


Delivery of goods is very important responsibility, so we are ready to offer help in cargo insurance for the following schemes:


With responsibility for all risks:

This scheme is the most complete protection of cargo transported by road, air, rail and sea transport.


In this scheme, the insurance shall be reimbursed losses from damage or total loss of all or part of a modular cargo that occurred as a result of:

-  fire, lightning, storms, earthquakes, floods and other natural disasters;

-  vehicle accident, the crash / vehicle collisions;

-  the explosion of non-delivery or loss of cargo without a trace;

-  wrongful acts of third parties, including the theft of cargo.


With responsibility for particular average.

In this scheme, the insurance compensates losses from damage or total loss of all or part of the cargo as a result of loss of the vessel without a trace, damages, expenses and contributions in general average, due to necessary and reasonably incurred costs to save the cargo, as well as to reduce losses and to establish its size, if the loss is indemnified under the terms of insurance.


No responsibility for damages, except for the crash.

This insurance scheme is similar to the previous one, with the difference that the compensable losses from the complete destruction of all or part of the transported goods, and losses from damage to the goods shall be reimbursed only in case of wreck or collision, overturning, vessel stranding, fire or explosion ship.


At the request of the customer list of possible risks can be expanded.

When contacting our company Mallory Group you get advice on choosing an insurance product that best meets your needs for the protection of the goods being transported.


Warehousing services

Firms that are engaged in transporting their goods to Europe and the world very often feel the need to rent warehouse space, located in convenient places. Mallory Auro ready to relieve you from the hassle and give you warehouse space for rent, which will surprise you with its capabilities.


So you receive not just an anordinary warehouse in Europe, but a full-fledged customs warehouse in Tallinn with a wide range of additional services.


We can take their own customs clearance of the cargo at the ports of Estonia and its subsequent transportation to the warehouse. Such a service is an integral part of the company Mallory Group, since it provides an opportunity to carry out a rapid and high-quality transportation and also allows us to provide additional services to our clients.


Services for the storage and handling of goods in stock now include features such as safekeeping, handling and preparation for cargo transportation, consolidation and timely delivery of products to consumers. Available storage space suitable your individual requirements, and storage and processing of your shipment. The highest level of service is provided by qualified staff, a high level of technical support warehouse and cargo handling.


Within the service for the storage and handling of goods in stock our company is ready to offer you a range of related services, including:


  • Storage and maintenance of cargo in different modes in the warehouse;
  • Delivery of goods to the warehouse / out of the warehouse, loading and unloading;
  • Ensuring complete safety of the goods at the warehouse areas;
  • Consolidation of cargo and equipment orders;
  • Processing, packaging and labeling of goods;
  • Preparation of goods for transportation;
  • Organization of loading and unloading;
  • Creating the accompanying documentation;
  • Assistance in the preparation and presentation of the necessary permits, until the goods are in stock, and much more.


Services on storage of goods are comfortable and efficient services. Choose storage services by Mallory Group and get the calmness and confidence of that your cargo be easy and reliable.


Customs clearance of cargo

Customs clearance is a mandatory part of any international carriage of cargo. Independent speed and reliability of cargo delivery to the recipient depends on how well and efficiently customs clearance is conducted. Fast and high quality customs clearance with minimal cost to the customer requires significant knowledge of the customs legislation of various countries, the effective interaction between experts of the transport company with the customs authorities, as well as individual approach to the design documents for each individual shipment.


The so-called clearance is a one of the main components of the customs clearance. This set of measures for customs clearance and payment of customs duties when the goods and vehicles across the customs border. "Cleaning" of the customs formalities is to implement all the requirements stipulated by customs regulations regarding the shipment of the order of its import / export to / from the territory of the state. Each time the implementation of the international carriage of goods through the customs border there is a need for customs clearance.


We are ready to offer our clients a full range of services for the unhindered passage of cargo clearance and delivery of the necessary documents that meet the requirements of customs. The efficiency of customs clearance is achieved through close collaboration of our highly qualified professionals with the customs authorities.


The list of services on customs clearance of goods, provided by the company Mallory Group, includes:

  • Professional assistance in preparing the documents required by customs authorities;
  • Expert advice on all thematic issues relating to customs laws or foreign economic activity;
  • Maintenance of foreign trade transactions;
  • Services of registration of customs and transport documents;
  • Optimization of customs clearance of goods;
  • Definition of the code of goods and rapid calculation of customs duties.
  • Customs clearance of import / export goods in the Russian customs authorities, as well as the customs authorities of the EU;
  • Assistance in the preparation and conclusion of foreign trade contracts, passports transactions, invoices and specifications.

Customs clearance with our help - this is a high level of service, quick preparation and receipt of all required documents and the possibility not only solve but also provide various complexities involved in implementing the procedures of customs clearance. Flexible value, reasonable documentation requirements of the customer, a lot of experience with different types of cargo high-speed performance and quick solution to problems in customs clearance - these are the basic principles of the company Mallory Group.


Cargos certification

At carrying out foreign trade operations at the time of crossing the border goods, as a rule, come under control of various state regulatory bodies. Having a great experience, today transportation and logistics company Mallory Group can offer you services of certification of goods.


While crossing the border of the Russian Federation, some categories of goods comes not  just under customs control, but also for other kinds of control: sanitary, phytosanitary, veterinary, etc. Completing of customs clearance of such goods is not possible without providing the customs authority of relevant certificates and permits for the goods.


To receive the certificate for the cargo it is necessary submit an application, a sample of goods and specific packet forwarding documents. This is quite a laborious, time-consuming process. That's why we offer our customers to pass on our concerns related to the certification of goods.


This allows you to save time and money in carrying out transportation of goods through Russian customs terminals.


Consulting services

Upon delivery of goods from Europe to Russia should take into account a lot of nuances to the transportation, warehousing and customs clearance. For a company that has never faced with the import of goods, it can become a serious problem. There is a lot of questions related to shipping and customs clearance, permission to import, certificates and other permits.


Will be the most reasonable solution to contact the company professionally engaged in international transport and providing a full range of services for customs clearance.


If you prefer to make delivery of goods on their own, better to get advice and support from the documentary professionals with years of experience in international transport, rather than try to prepare the necessary documents on their own with the risk of errors and unnecessary loss of time.


The company Mallory Group provides the following consulting services in international transport and customs clearance:

  • Advice on car freight in the EU.
  • Advice on cargo insurance, insurance types and methods in international transportation. Our experts will tell you, is it worth to make the insurance of goods directly to your case, what risks are most likely to occur during transportation.
  • Assistance in obtaining permits (certification). We will be able to issue a certificate of the required type for your products with all the requirements of customs.
  • Calculation of the optimal route for cars, air, sea and multimodal transport, cost and timing of delivery of goods from the warehouse sender in Europe, USA and Asia to the door of the recipient, inclusive, as well as the cost of warehousing services and customs clearance. If you carry the load alone, we'll show you the best route and method of delivery.
  • Translation of documentation, safety sheets, requests and negotiations, as well as business correspondence with partners in their own language. Our experts not only speak several foreign languages, but also well versed in the subject lexicon, which is essential for translation of foreign language documentation and successful negotiations with foreign partners.
  • Check the availability of intellectual property and restrictions on goods, as well as the need to check clearance permits. If you are not sure whether this is allowed to import goods into the territory of the Russian Federation, we are able to provide accurate information on the subject.
  • Classification of goods under the HS nomenclature. Action required for the preparation of documents and certificates for customs clearance of cargo.
  • Calculation of customs duties, preparation of specifications for the customs authorities. If you carry the load alone, and are not familiar with the procedure of customs clearance of goods, our company will help you to successfully pass customs.